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TLG Accolades: Laguna Niguel HOA Tackling Community-Wide Pipe Failures

accolades3.pngSome condominium projects are unfortunately experiencing substantial, community-wide pipe leaks and failures due to substandard piping products used in development. In dealing with that very situation, one of TLG’s homeowners association clients, located in the City of Laguna Niguel, encountered various legal and financial issues. We are humbled by the recent comments made by its Board President in response to the assistance TLG provided over the past months in helping to resolve those issues:

“Thanks to [Rich Tinnelly] and [Steve Tinnelly] and [Kai MacDonald] for your advice, prompt responses, and patience in helping guide us through the maze.”

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We are privileged to have assisted the Board in taking the steps necessary to protect the interests of the HOA and its members. We applaud their diligence and determination in tackling the problem head-on and in preventing what could have been catastrophic damage to the community, the members’ properties, and the HOA’s financial well-being.

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