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TLG Secures Favorable Settlement and Obtains a 100% Attorneys’ Fees Award for HOA Client in Newport Beach

accolade ribbon-blog.pngThe Tinnelly Law Group has secured a favorable settlement in a breach of contract case for one of our HOA clients located in Newport Beach, California.

The Defendant homeowner was refusing to grant the HOA access to the Owner’s condominium unit for the limited purpose of placing a protective safety barrier between the sliding glass balcony door and the balcony while the HOA performed structural repairs to the underside of the balcony. After Internal Dispute Resolution failed and all efforts were exhausted to secure a non-judicial resolution, the HOA was forced to file a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief. After securing injunctive relief for our client, our attorneys then obtained a 100% attorneys’ fees and costs award. Such 100% attorneys’ fees awards are incredibly rare.

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The Tinnelly Law Group strives to resolve our clients’ disputes through non-judicial means wherever possible. However, when issues do result in litigation, our clients take comfort in knowing that our attorneys provide the highest quality representation available, and that our entire team remains committed to securing the best possible outcome.

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