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Could Aging “Baby Boomers” Create New Concerns for HOAs?

baby-boom.jpgI read an interesting article today that discusses the potential legal problems that could arise for Community Associations that contain members of the aging “baby boom” generation. The article references a program, presented in Virginia at a CAI sponsored event, called “Aging-in-Place: The Boomer Community.”

One of the program’s co-presenters believes that “[t]hanks to a confluence of demographic, economic and social factors, more and more elderly residents are staying put rather than moving into institutional settings such as retirement or assisted-living communities. This trend toward ‘aging in place’ makes it inevitable that a higher proportion of residents in a given community will face challenges such as loss of strength, coordination and mental acuity over time, or will be diagnosed with a catastrophic illness. Unfortunately, this can create significant legal and safety questions for community associations.”

Some of the scenarios discussed in the article, including the active steps that some Community Associations are taking to better accommodate their aging membership, may be of value to you and your Association. Of particular interest are the scenarios regarding community-based shuttles and amending architectural provisions to accommodate “Med Cottages” (a.k.a “Granny Pods”).

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