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Tinnelly Law Group Accolades – November 2014

accolade ribbon-blog.pngWe are privileged for the opportunities we have to build relationships with our HOA clients throughout the state of California. We are humbled when board members and managers take the time to express their appreciation for the work we provide to their communities:

“Thank you for such a thorough response to our questions. Your opinion is understandable and contains excellent background material supporting your opinion and appears to support nearly all of the recommendations should we decide to go forward with them. Every HOA should have the kind of professional service we get from you and your team.”
(Board President, Master Association in Victorville)

“You go above and beyond the call of duty, as always.”
(Board President, Luxury Homes Association in Burbank)

“We are very grateful for the work Tinnelly Law Group has done. Your direction and advice has been very valuable to us and will continue to be.”
(Board President, Condominium Association in Claremont)

“I wanted to tell you that the Board was very complimentary of the Rules and Regulations as drafted. Great job.”
(Community Manager, Condominium Association in Anaheim)

“This is exactly what we needed. Thank you for the fast response. I am so pleased we are now using your firm for our legal issues. Outstanding work.”
(Board President, Gated Community in Laguna Niguel)

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Our firm strives to serve our clients with the utmost care and attention. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients and to advancing the professional standards of our industry.

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